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Food Trucks

Bringing the fair to you!

Our food trucks are bright and clean, and are the perfect way to bring the fair experience to your neighborhood. Join the American Corndog team!


We Train In Boise

Being part of the Rusty Dog family means training in Boise. You’ll meet the Corndog King and jump right in with the events. You’ll mix and dip in our famous batter and learn what makes our Corndogs so special. From the batter to tasting the famous batter and fry sauce. But don't worry! Once you are all set up, we come to you!

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The best corndogs in the worlds!

Taste the Gourmet in every bite!

Hand-dipped every time! With our 100% beef dogs and our state of the art batter, these melt in your mouth corndogs are worth every penny! 


"Just tried The Rusty Dog today for the first time and it’s so good! My husband had the Bacon Rusty and I had the Shish-ka-dog. We are both super impressed! The batter has tons of flavor and the flavors all mix really well. They also have a co-jack which doesn’t have the polish dog, it’s Colby jack cheese dipped in the batter and it’s awesome! My kids don’t really do hotdogs/corn dogs but they would love the co-jack! Definitely will be back and definitely recommend them!"

-Lacie from Boise

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Join our family

Here for support, never more

  • Comprehensive multi-stage, multi-location training in advance of your opening

  • Corporate trainers available for refresher training upon request/need 

  • Digital Bundle of marketing materials to print or use digitally to market your business

  • Access to proprietary technologies that gives you a leg up on your competition and simplify daily operations

  • Ongoing guidance from a Franchise Director to keep your business on track

  • Use of our branding trademarks

  • Simplified purchasing and distribution

  • Access to our secret family recipes and operations manuals

  • A personal CML liaison to provide onboarding, oversight on real estate site selection or truck builder, construction, design and buildout of restaurant

  • Guidance for local advertising and marketing, and an effective local social media presence

  • Access to a family of established Cousins Maine Lobster business owners to share wisdom & guidance!

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The 12 step program

  1. Submit a franchise application

  2. Be contacted by a Rusty Dog franchise representative within 24 hours

  3. Work with our franchise team to assess your market and complete the necessary due diligence to ensure that The Rusty Dog is the right fit for you and your market.

  4. Receive our UFDD and discuss with your franchise professionals. Then schedule a review call with our team.

  5. Speak with Tim and Nic about your proposed market & concept

  6. Discovery Day -- come to Boise and meet Nic, Rob & the corporate operations team

  7. Be awarded a franchise

  8. Connect with your personal Rusty Dog liaison who will help you every step of the way in the launching of your food truck or restaurant

  9. Train in Boise -- learn about Corndogs from industry professionals

  10. Train in your city along with key members of your operational team

  11. Corporate trainer dispatched to your location in advance of your grand opening

  12. Grand Opening, with a corporate member in attendance to help guide your through the first steps!


After submitting an application, how soon do I hear back?

A franchise development team member will reach you within 24 hours.

Do I need any food business experience to own a corndog truck?

No, as a matter of fact, Rob was a finance guy and Nic was in banking.

Are single and multi-unit franchises available?

Yes, we base each one of our franchises on a zip code based area. You can have as many trucks, shacks, trailers, restaurants you see fit to work for your area. 

What is the ideal franchise candidate?

The ideal franchise candidate is an experienced business person who understands how to run and grow a business. The ideal candidate should excel at customer service, employee relationships, and be comfortable in a sales and marketing role, or have identified partners/individuals in their business who are.

Does the Rusty Dog require franchises to purchase equipment and supplies from supplier or franchisor?

Yes, we require you to purchase our famous batter mix and fry sauce to ensure each batch tastes the same. 

Does the Rusty dog provide any assistance to designing the food trucks?

Yes, our custom food truck builder has plans that is included in the franchise fee. 

Is a franchise required to purchase a food truck from the franchisor or other supplier?

No, you may purchase or lease a food truck that meets our specifications from an approved truck supplier of your choice. The Rusty Dog will provide blueprints, equipment specifications and graphics to ensure your truck meets brand standards.

Complete the franchise sign-up form and join the Rusty Dog family!! The Rusty Dog is looking for motivated, experienced business people to help us expand our brand of Rusty Dog Corndogs around the world.

We’re seeking franchisees who are committed to our brand, offering the highest quality food in a family-friendly environment with outstanding customer service, and offering Rusty Dog Corndogs every day from our official Rusty Dog food trucks.

We’re a real family with a passion for the crisp, delicious corndogs we grew up eating. We started selling corndogs  out of a single truck in the spring of 2016. Rob quit his full time financial job, sold a house and opened the first Rusty Dog food truck. Nic soon followed with the idea of beginning the franchise process and quit his banking job to open a second truck in the area. After a lot of hard work (and a good amount of fun) we now have a fleet of trucks and are well known around our state. 

Our commitment to quality food and great customer service has led us to over 100 five star reviews and ranked number 1 corndogs in the north east. 

Join our family!

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